Hegesztő áramfejlesztők Különleges gépek
Upon request Gen Set produces a series of engine driven welders specifically designed for tailor-made applications. Machines engineered and equipped for pipelines construction, refinery works, repairs on shipyards and offshores. The range includes soundproofed and non-sound proofed models in accordance with enforceable EC standards.
Our engine driven welders are fitted with two, three or four stand-alone welding stations featuring power ratings between 250 A and 400 A which are suitable to virtually weld any kind of electrode. Upon request, M I G / M A G and TIG Lift Arc processes can be arranged. The implementation of a three-phase output (400V) and a single-phase (230V), provided as standard equipment on all models, meets a wide range of power supply requirements on the workplace. Perkins water-cooled engines and Deutz air cooled engines , both running at 1500 rpm, have been supplied.
To complete our range of tailor-made applications, Gen Set is proud to introduce a welding generator, fitted with two 400A stand-alone stations, coupled to a 4WD tractor to follow pipelines works in particularly rough areas.
For further information on our products, please contact Gen Set's sales offices directly.